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As of April, 2009 Merit is no longer available for use in the Province of Ontario. We generally used the granular Merit, which is less toxic than table salt. Now Nematodes can be used instead.

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Life Cycle
The most common grub in this area is the European chafer. Grubs spend the winter in the soil. In the spring, they return to the surface and feed for a short period of time before pupating. Hungry skunks & raccoons can damage your lawn in the spring when they lift up the sod looking for grubs. In June, the larvae pupate and change into adult beetles. At dusk, the adults fly to trees and shrubs to mate. Eggs laid in the summer soon hatch and baby grubs start munching away. August through October is when the grubs are hungry and do the most damage.

Nematodes are recommended for the following reasons:

  1. Nematodes are not harmful to humans, pets, birds, and even earthworms. Nematodes do a reasonable job of controlling the target pests - soil insects.
  2. Nematodes provide control over the course of the season. Since eggs are only laid once during the season, no more grubs will come once the nematodes have done their job.
  3. Nematodes are applied from mid August through early October, when soil temperatures are warm enough. Nematodes will start to control grubs from the time they are hatched.
  4. While Nematodes are unlikely to control 100% of the grubs, any reduction in the number of grubs will reduce damage to the lawn and will also reduce the likelihood of skunks or raccoons digging up the lawn.
  5. If grubs were a problem in your neighbourhood last year, then there  is the possibility that there will be grubs in your neighbourhood again this year.
  6. It is the only alternative at this time.

White Grubs can damage lawns

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